Today I met with a menopausal specialist and I was pleasantly surprised. She was very attentive and intrigued with my situation. She spent an hour with me and we discussed a lot. Many times I have to explain MCTD to new doctors but she understood what I had and although she wanted to know what my specific symptoms were she had a clear understanding of what MCTD is and what it means to live with it. She also validated my concern about going through menopause and discussing hormone treatment and having this autoimmune. For many years I was in balance, now I’m clearly out of balance but the solution is not as easy as just identifying the problem. I felt like she is willing to work with me and try new things and realizes that I take my health very seriously but I need help.
We decided on a compound mixture of natural hormones with a coconut base which made me smile and thankful that I found her. I’ll try this compound and see what my labs say next. I realize that I will be having lots of labs done in the near future as we discover together what my final analysis will be. I am more than willing to put a 100% into my health and wellness and I get the impression she is willing to put 100% in right alongside of me. This may be the opportunity I have been waiting for to really get this body where I want it and keep it there through the aging process and beyond.

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