On this day of my challenge I woke up feeling like I was going to flare. My throat was sore, my body was stiff and I was exhausted. I decided to take this opportunity and take the morning off completely. I didn’t go to Bikram, nor did I walk but instead I slept. I keep a journal daily to show me how long it had been since I had a flare and I was at 31 days. Interestingly enough if someone would have asked me I would have thought it was much longer between flares which is why I keep the journal so I have accurate information about what is happening.
I got up and proceeded with my day but I only logged 6054 steps for this day, but I didn’t flare. My hair was hurting, my neck was very sore and I just needed some sleep. On days like that you have to listen to what your body can endure and mine didn’t want much of anything.

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