Wow this body is sore. A few days of working around the house and I need a vacation in which I go back to work and walk around an office and do a few flights of stairs a day. This day I did 12078 steps but with each step up a stair or down a stair reminded me of the work I did the last couple of days. My husband and I are learning that we make a really good team when it comes to this sweat equity stuff. He is not afraid to have me help him move heavy furniture or bags of pellets and having him have so much trust in me gives me confidence in myself. We had a 400 pound wood stove we had to move with a dolly and strap system but he looked at me and said you can do it. My first reaction was I might be able to do it but I don’t want to. I came around and we moved that stove together.
Honestly there was blood, definitely sweat and only because of my stupid emotions were there tears but truth was it wasn’t as bad as I thought and after that we just continue to do what needs to be done but do it together. We are learning a lot about each other during our home improvement summer and also relearning what a great team we make. I need more yoga for this sore body so I’ll be spending several days in the Bikram studio.


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