On this day of my challenge I was needing some rest so I took it. I did get in 11967 steps so I met the challenge but my steps were leisure steps by walking up to the library for books, walking to the fish market for supper and walking to the farmer’s market for sweet fruits and beautiful tasty vegetables. Cherries are in season right now and I found myself buying a bag and eating them one right after the other. They are wonderful treat and since I have been talking myself out of sugar products for several days right now I’m turning to the sweetness of the cherries when I truly need to satisfy a sweet craving. It is working and my small achievable goals are helping also. I make them so small but I do that because at the end of the day I do not want to feel guilty, bad or disappointed and with my roller coaster of emotions it won’t take much.
My goal is to drink 64oz of water. You are probably thinking, she does Bikram and walks and stays active not to mention it is summer time why would she need to remind herself to have water? Good question, with my body media I have been tracking everything and I noticed that my water lacks. I get in plenty of water in the mornings but afternoon I’m more focused on other things and stress is a contributor so I don’t drink as much and by the time I get home for the evening I haven’t consumed enough and I don’t drink any at night so I have made this a small goal and yes it is small but it is achievable and honestly I need it.


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