Another successful day of walking happened on day 24 of this challenge. I did another 17K day but stepping 17070 steps. Two days in a row of over 17K is great for me. Considering this day was a Bikram day and the day before was a Bikram day I was still moving even while being turned off and stretching for 90 minutes. My body media device is really keeping me on track too. I can keep track of heart rate as well as steps and see when I’m pushing myself during the day and when I’m not. I’m still doing my walking and yoga on this day I also put in some weight training. I must admit that when I’m weight training I feel really strong and I don’t think that is a bad thing. Even if I may have some adrenal fatigue I think weight training is ok or at least how I’m doing it. I’m doing all my training at home or in the Bikram studio so I’m not over doing it in a gym.
I miss the gym, I miss the people at the gym, I miss the noises at the gym and I miss the adrenalin I feel at the gym but that is the process I’m in which is relaxing and not having spikes of adrenalin rushes. I will venture back into the gym when I’m cleared and given the ok to do more but right now I have been asked to walk and yoga which seems to be helping with mood swings and fatigue. On some of my cross fit days I would have enough energy to do cross fit but have nothing left for the rest of the day. This way I still have energy to last me through the day but my mornings start out rough and I can feel fatigued before the day starts.
Bikram can give me the exhausted feeling but only right after the class and then I start to feel energized again as I rehydrate. I’m learning to hear the clues my body gives me about exercise and fatigue and I really just feel best when I’m walking. Although as I’m walking I find myself wanting to jog and yes sometimes I do but only for short stints.

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