Things seem to come in 3 and my exposure to Paleo is one of those things. First exposure, I had a reader write and tell me that she started the Paleo diet after reading my blog and it not only helped her MCTD symptoms but her menopausal symptoms. Exposure number 2 was running into a yoga friend who has started something similar to the Paleo diet but no name attached to it, and here is exposure number 3. My husband and I were invited to a party this weekend and we decided to go. I have been a bit of a recluse while I try and figure this stuff out and since I haven’t been feeling great and a bit moody it is better if I limit my exposure to people unless I truly have to which is every day when I go to work and I work in sales. As you can imagine I don’t have a lot of tolerance and energy to put on the happy face after doing so all week but we did it. I mention this because if you feel bad for whatever reason, MCTD, menopausal, just because, sometimes getting out there and being exposed to people can make you feel better.
We don’t always have the strength for putting on the face, but if you do have the strength do it. Pick your times wisely and then get out and have fun. This is exactly what we did and went to a pool party. As we were chatting with everyone someone mentioned they were doing the, you guessed it, Paleo diet. My husband’s ears perked first and said let’s go over and listen. This woman was fairly new to the concept but was so excited about it and how good she felt and even going to pool parties didn’t slow her down because there is always things there for her to eat. She was so excited about her new lifestyle and honestly her excitement was contagious to me.
On our way home I said to my husband I’m ready to start again. Go strict Paleo and really incorporate this back into our lives. He looked at me and said, this never left our lives it just changed a bit and isn’t that really what a lifestyle is? We eat protein and vegetables every day and although I have loosened up with some grains we still don’t eat breads, pastas and rice. We added oatmeal to our regime and that is not to be scolded over. We do need to drop the sweets but with my mini challenges I’m working well towards that goal and lastly is dairy. Most strict Paleo take it completely out but I have always chosen to keep some in my diet except for yogurt. I like yogurt but the sugar is high so I stick with cottage cheese and other cheeses. I’m still playing with the dairy idea and haven’t decided exactly how I’m treating that going forward. I never stopped listening to my Paleo podcast and my exercise reflects the Paleo lifestyle with my walking, yoga, weight training and 30 minutes of intense exercise which can be cross fit or sprinting. These days it is mostly walking and yoga though.
As I start to rethink things in my life and re-explore old habits I’m ready to take back on the Paleo lifestyle, but I have to finish this challenge in the meantime so on this day I walked 14089 steps.


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