On this day of my challenge I start again fresh, still restless night but not nearly as bad so I’m able to get up and walk. I start with first fresh air and again this is a Bikram day so I head to the studio. One of my yoga ladies is there that I have not seen in a very long time and she looks amazing. We all want to know where she has been and what she has been doing. As it turns out she started the Paleo diet (although she does not refer to it by that name) she is describing that she eats protein and vegetables. She has removed grains, legumes, fruit and dairy and turned to walking. She is working with her doctor on this and ran into a situation that is commonly known as carb flu, where when you start to remove certain carbs from your diet you really feel like you have the flu. Your body is adjusting to not having those moments in the day of blood sugar spikes, your body is adjusting to not burning sugar and your body is adjusting to detoxing these sugars out of the body, the result is feeling pretty crummy for several days to a week.
In that time it is best to ride it out, walk and drink lots of water. This is what she did but she also decided just to walk until your body started to adapt to the change. Some people lose their energy until the body learns to run on fat instead of sugar. Our brains need sugar but our body will make the amount of sugar it needs to function we don’t need to eat that amount. Our bodies don’t have to run on sugar although it looks to that fuel first and when it can’t find it it turns to fat but in the meantime some people find it hard to exert any real energy. She was in this state for a few weeks.
Once her body had learned to adapt she felt as though she was ready to come back to Bikram. Once you start Bikram and take a leave it can be hard to come back into the studio and find that balance in your practice. She experienced this as well and found her practice devastatingly hard. I must admit I have not seen her since. She looks marvelous and I hope that once she finds confidence in her strength with her new body she will be back, but I write about this because it seems as though the topic of Paleo is resurfacing for me and it might be a sign to take it seriously and get back to a strict Paleo lifestyle.
On this day I walked 12089 steps, this day was structured around actual time of exercise with Bikram thrown in the mix. I feel confident that when I make time to exercise I can reach my goal of at least 11K steps a day.


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