Not only do I do this blog but I journal every day. My daily journal is a way for me to keep track of flares, MCTD symptoms and triggers so I can share what is happening with my doctor. My journal has changed a bit as now not only do I write in journal about what is happening with MCTD but have added my menopausal symptoms as well. I wake up these days not knowing what kind of morning it will. Many nights are sleepless nights so I’m just exhausted and yet I still must function during the day. I have to be thankful for the fact that I do not have the dreaded hot flashes so what keeps me up at night are rushes of cortisol, tossing and turning, full brain syndrome.
I bring this up because on day 20 of my challenge I was so exhausted I did not walk this morning which is the first time in 20 days but I did go to Bikram and went to work. As much as I wanted to walk at lunch time I really needed to sit in the sun and read, so again I did not walk. I’m fortunate enough that my job allows me to keep moving so although I did not plug actual moments of designed exercise time I did walk 8066 steps. I didn’t check my body media that night or I would have probably just stepped myself to meet my challenge, or maybe not, on this day I was at a high level of fatigue all day and even my eboost didn’t help.
I’m really hoping to finish this challenge strong but as you can see I do have a couple of days where I didn’t meet the challenge. This is part of having a challenge, trying to meet the expectation, feeling good when I have achieved that and taking notice when I haven’t.


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