On this morning of my challenge I got up early mainly because I just wasn’t sleeping and went out walking.  I ended up walking 15056 steps this day and with first fresh air it felt good.  I didn’t do any yoga today but I’m really missing weight training.  I miss the Cross Fit too but if I could add one more thing into my mix it would be weight training.  I did do a few reps of lighter weights and didn’t seem to have residual side effects of fatigue from it so I might add it back in.  The idea is to take things out and see what I can put back in.  Walking and yoga are great for the mind but nothing for the strength of my body.  Also I’m in the mind frame that more is better not less, which I need to change I know but change comes slow.

This day I was feeling very moody and very forgetful. I have resided myself to writing down everything that is important or even slightly important and using my note pad to keep me on track.  No one seems to notice or even care so I keep a note pad with me and write down what I need.  It is challenging to be so forgetful but this will pass once I have the right combination of medications.

I’m on the hunt for a new rheumatologist since I fired mine and I really do need some medical guidance in my autoimmune life so I have instructed the help of others who might know someone close by and perhaps I need a woman this time that would be more understanding and able to help me when I’m silently screaming for help.  Speaking of help I’m going back to basics to see if I can help myself. I remember when I was first diagnosed with MCTD and had to take it one step at a time, one goal at a time, one achievement at a time.  I’m back at that place, for different reasons but same concept.  On this day I made my goals easy and achievable. Walk 11K which I did and eat no sugar products what so ever no matter how hard or loud the cravings get.  I kept telling myself you can eat all the sugar you want tomorrow.  Just one day and back to sugar tomorrow if you hold off today and it worked.


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