This day was tough, I woke up feeling fatigue and overwhelmed with everything, but nothing in general. I went out for a quick first fresh air just to move my body parts and get my head right and went Bikram. My mind is so full of nothing good and I was having a very difficult time with my practice. I love the instructors in my studio because they recognize when regular practitioners are having trouble and send soothing words our way even though they aren’t saying our name they are talking directly to us. This day she was talking to me but also to the group and reminding me that we have tough days. She also gently reminded me that when I struggle those are the classes I need the most.

I really thought that just walking and yoga would be enough but honestly I miss the heavy weight training and burst training. Could this be my full mind tricking me or does my body really want it. If I was really having adrenal fatigue wouldn’t my body be happier with the less I’m doing? Does weight training really affect potential adrenal fatigue in a negative way? This is the research I’m starting to explore now and see what is truly recommended.

After this day I only 11078 steps but throw some yoga in the mix and I feel like I did a lot and my fatigue is a reminder that I did do something. I wanted 2 eboosts today but I will only allow for one. Maybe in desperate moments I might take 2 but I’m not that desperate yet. 


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