On this day I truly rocked it but not for the reasons I would really like.  Today was my Cross Fit day and I didn’t go.  Nor am I going for the next month or so.  I’m highly disappointed by it but the truth is that even my intense 30 minute Cross Fit session is too much right now.  We say all the time you can do anything for 30 minutes and I truly believe it. I still believe it, but I have to make a commitment to getting my body, mind and spirit back to normal.  Therefore, for the next month or so I’m going to ease up on this body of mine. This is not going to be easy for me and clearly I hear the words “you can walk and do yoga” but I also hear, “you can walk as much as you want and do as much yoga as you need.” So, I did, I walked 24576 steps today.  Is that too much? Maybe but it sure felt good and since I didn’t do any yoga this day I put all my energy into walking, yes it was eboost energy but still energy none the less.

With my hormonal imbalance I could also be suffering a bit of adrenal fatigue and by walking and doing yoga I won’t further burn myself out if that is the case. Once I see the specialist she will better guide me in my exercise routine, but until I see her I’m going to keep walking and doing yoga.


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