Day 10 of my challenge was probably most fun thus far since I got up early and walked the ocean path for first fresh air.  There were few people out there enjoying the sunrise and I was one of them. I saw many people with dogs out there and thought how motivating that would be for me too on mornings when I didn’t feel like walking. I would not have a choice if someone else was relying on me. My husband says my “lack of hormones” are talking and we need to have these types of conversations when I’m fully sane and of full mind.

On this day I got in 13985 steps but each one was very enjoyable. I’m also a few days into my Eboost and only use 1 packet per day in the early afternoon to get me through the rest of my day.  I did try 5 hour energy but the ingredients are not as clean as eboost and the taste of eboost is more enjoyable for me.


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