Day 8 of challenge went really well. I had a little spunk back so I was able to get in 12789 steps and it felt really good.  I also had a good Bikram practice and something that the instructor said stuck with me all day.  She said “your mind is like a bad neighborhood, so you either get out of it or risk being robbed.”  My mind is playing with me greatly right now and actually telling me I cannot do certain things that I know I can.

My practices have been difficult and one pose in particular that is really frustrating me is the Standing Bow Pulling pose. This pose is an intense posture and takes incredible balance but I have always been able to do the posture. Recently, I find my mind telling me that it is a hard posture and I fall out, and fall out and keep falling out in the minute designated to the posture.  Falling out is part of the process and I’m not angry with myself when I fall out I’m frustrated that my brain is throwing my balance off.  Good thing I get many days a week to practice.

I also enjoyed my vegetable soup for several days and my fruit fast, but was very excited to get back to some eggs and other protein.  I have decided I don’t want to eat as much red meat as I was before and eat more of the leaner meats.  Also, deli meats and other processed meats even if uncured don’t seem to agree with my hormonal imbalances right now so I’m leaning towards leaner, cleaner forms.  Once suggestion that was brought to me was to introduce soy back into my diet, but I’m not ready to do that yet and will find other ways and forms of food for balancing. The idea of clean eating is very broad but at the same time seems very simple.  We were at the farm stand this weekend and at the bakery they had made quiche using all ingredients that came from the farm except for wheat and sugar in the crust.  I think this is also clean eating even though I was exposed to gluten.  I have also been listening to hormonal podcasts and reading hormonal books so I’m really educating myself on the aspect of aging and hormonal imbalance but finding balance.


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