First week done and still stepping with my challenge. Day 7 was a little better than the last day and I did reach my goal with 11432 steps but I’m barely making it happen.  I feel as though getting around during the day is a struggle.  My body doesn’t hurt but my fatigue level is so high that mere daily activities are exhausting.  I’m finding I need a minute to rest even after getting ready in the mornings.  My life is not conducive to resting as much as I am but at the same time if I don’t listen to my body and really try to get some energy back into it I ‘m not sure where I will end up.

I am starting a vegetable and fruit fast. I don’t want to go without any calories because in the long run I don’t think that is the right answer for this tired body but I do think my mind, body and spirit need a break and a boost.  Will the vegetable fruit fast work? I don’t honestly know but many people swear by it so I want to try it too. I made a huge pot of just vegetable soup with all my favorites and all non-starchy vegetables.  I have gotten many different vegetables to chomp on like beans, celery, peppers, and cauliflower as well as plums and cherry tomatoes for some sweet tasting foods. 

I’m going to stick with my walking challenge and try some more yoga especially in the evenings to see if that gives me an extra edge in relaxation and maybe more energy in the mornings.


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