Since I have started over counting my flare-up free days I have a new goal in mind.  I got to a 140 days this last round, so I start over and shoot for 141 days.  I believe that stress, fatigue and partly the heat caused this last flare but honestly it doesn’t matter what it was I just have to keep moving forward and work on the next round of flare-free days and shoot for more. If I can get one more day over 140 it has to be considered a victory if not then I pick up where I flare and start again.

I’m not doing my physical therapy this year and part of me thinks that I might need it while part of me wants to try and wean myself off of my medical practices.  If I can taper down on drugs, therapies, and other medical expenses I can focus on other alternatives like finding hormonal balance and healing my ailing stomach from all the medications but this will only work if I can get off of some medications first.  The hormonal balance I must find whether I keep on my MCTD regiment or not.

OK on to the lighter stuff like my steps.  I’m still a bit out of it and feeling like taking care of myself so yes I did get back into the Bikram studio with a modified practice and took in first fresh air.  I ended the day with 12776 steps and feel good about my accomplishment.


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