Friday was my first day and I made this last minute challenge because I really need something to keep me moving and keep me motivated.  I have to think in terms of going back to the beginning even when things seem too much to work through this is the time when I really have to push.  My challenge is to take 11k steps every day including the days I do Bikram.  Friday was one of those days. I started the morning with a Bikram class that felt good but by the end of the day I had only 2700 steps on my pedometer. I cannot fail day one of this challenge but I also knew this was going to be hard.  When I got home I put my sneakers on and headed out for a walk. I picked one of my favorite podcast so I wouldn’t want to give up to early and walked until I hit 11k steps.  I actually ended day 1 of my challenge with 11,127 steps.  Talk about squeaking by, I wanted to do this challenge to remind myself that even when I’m exhausted and think a nap would be better I can always walk.


After my walk I did feel better but it was also late so a little dinner and I was out for the night.  I almost think the walking after work made my sleep better as well.  I had rested my mind as well as my body with my walking.  I don’t know that I’ll have the energy to walk every night but if I haven’t hit my steps I’ll force myself to get finish what I have started. 



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