I am finally making some progress in my health and lowering meds in regards to MCTD.  For many years I have been stuck on 5mg of prednisone and although that doesn’t seem like a lot it is too much for me.  This is the number medication I want to eliminate from my medicine cabinet.  Beginning of May I decided instead of dropping to 4.5mg and cutting a pill I would just drop an entire mg.  I didn’t really think my body would allow it but when I cut the pills I never really know how much I’m getting and therefore, could be getting more or less than the scheduled 4.5mg.  Taking 4mg was making a bigger drop but I have more control over actually receiving the level of milligrams that I need. 

I did it, I dropped from 5mg to 4mg on May first and here I am 6 weeks later still at 4mg, feeling strong and healthy and no sign of flare. This doesn’t mean I won’t flare but so far I haven’t and that is a huge accomplishment.  I have noticed that my fingers are more swollen than normal but I’m hoping my body will reach a new base line and allow for the lower dose and accommodate the new dose by allowing things to go back to my normal.  I have been increasing my Bikram practice as well since the hot helps eliminate some of the fluid from my body, the practice also makes my body strong and therefore I feel strong.  The practice reminds me that everyday I get up flare-free I have accomplished something great and now reducing one of my major medications is another indication that this body and mind have the strength needed to keep moving forward and perhaps reduce other medications as well.

The key is I can’t get over excited and drop to quickly.  My body does have the ability to flare when it needs to and by me adding too much extra stress I can push it into flare.  Life in general comes with its own stress and by reducing medications that adds stress, as well as my intense fitness adds stress.  Too much is not a good thing but the body is made to endure some stress, and it is my job to assess, reassess and keep pushing the limits to see what this body is capable of.

This past week during one of my cross fit sessions we were running.  I haven’t really run in a long time. I do quick sprints on the treadmill for 30-40 seconds at a time but haven’t just run/jogged for a while.  We did some running, some suicide sprints and lots of weight training.  He promised I would leave there tired, sweaty and invigorated and he was right.  Every time I’m able to do something else and look myself in the mirror and be proud it is a special day.


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