Many blogs ago I wrote about HIIT which is “High Intensity Interval Training” and that when things got crazy and something had to give this was the first to go in my routine.  I didn’t really enjoy doing it and I wasn’t sure if I was really doing it correctly and not sure what equipment to use for my HIIT, therefore, it was easy to let this slide in my routine and just do it when I could.

Things have changed and in a good way.  I have committed to 3 solid sessions of weight training using my “Gain Fitness” app and that thing keeps me on track which reminders, whistles, don’t give up and cues to get moving.  With every session it remembers what I did last time and has me working the appropriate muscles for any given weight training session as well as when to increase weight and keeps me honest with my commitment to 30 minutes of weight training 3 times a week.  What does this have to do with HIIT? Believe it or not a lot, because I have less time for traditional cardio and learning that I really don’t dig cardio unless it is simple walking for stress relief so before my weight training sessions I put in 15 minutes of hard HIIT to warm up before I hit the weights.

I have been using the treadmill, elliptical and even row machine for my HIIT training.  I know I only have 15 minutes to devote to it so I have to get it done fast and hard.  My rhythms have increased, my speed has increased and my strength has even increased which allows me to lift heavier weights after the HIIT as well.  My body is fully heated and my mind feels as though it can do pretty much anything so I push myself harder each time.  I think to myself I can do anything for 15 minutes but it isn’t even hard for 15 minutes really only extremely hard for 30-60 seconds depending on how I feel once I start my sprint.  4 or 5 rounds of sprinting with slower intervals makes the 15 minutes go by very quickly.  As soon as I feel my form slip even a bit I stop the sprint and go back to a slower pace that is why I say 30-60 plus with every rotation I increase the intensity each time which makes it harder to sustain the full minute later in my training.

Once my 15 minutes are up I’m off to the weights for 30 minutes, feeling very strong and accomplished and then take 10-15 minutes just to walk and get myself back to balance before heading back to work or home depending on when my session was.  Yesterday I had my cross fit in the morning and it was all cardio based so I used that as my HIIT and later in the day went back to focus just on weight training so I was able to do 45 minutes of weights.  After doing 45 minutes I realize that I don’t need longer durations right now I really need to focus on 30 minutes of heavy lifting. Between the walking when I can to de-stress, my new found strength, and my balance of Bikram I’m really starting to feel like a normal person again. I also have a doctor’s appointment coming up to make sure everything else is in balance.  Balance is one piece missing in this whole equation but I’m getting there day by day.


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