You might be thinking what is DOMS? Or, why would a blog post be tagged DOMS? In this case it follows up nicely to my last blog post about weight training. So, what is DOMS? It stands for “delayed onset muscle soreness” and how does this pertain to me and my last blog post?  Simply, I’m living with DOMS as we speak. I actually thought it was good idea to continue my cross fit session and use my new app thru Gain Fitness yesterday.  “No Pain, No Gain” is not true for me but the pain I feel is a reminder that I have muscles that clearly don’t get used as much as other ones.

My cross fit session was incredible. I had a new instructor, a male this time, and he wasn’t letting us off the hook for anything.  Does that mean that our other female instructors will take it easy on us? Sure, sometimes they do and I bet with more time spent with this young guy he would too.  They have to figure out where everyone is but the only real way is to push us to our limits and if he doesn’t really know us he can push a bit harder just to see.  We were using big ropes, boxes, kettle –bells, and dumbbells. This was such a great work for me. I like the metcon workouts also, but sometimes I want the strength and resistance training so I can really see where I’m progressing.

I did my cross fit session in the morning and walked outside at lunch time. But, during the day my “reminder” dinged reminding me I had committed to a 30 min strength training session that evening. This app is really slick. I was using weights for squats and other leg exercises. Using boxes for a bit of cardio built in. Machines out on the gym floor were used for some exercise as a way to mix things up. Finally I was using my body weight on a mat for other exercises.  It was a full body workout that took exactly 30 minutes using their cues and staying on track. Resting is part of the program and since I don’t normally rest I really don’t know what to do so I walked around but I will get use to just sitting quiet at some point in my life.

Needless to say after those 2 workouts I woke up this morning remembering some for those dormant muscles were still there. I’m sure I will probably be sore again tomorrow but I have read to keep moving forward through my committed workouts and push through the discomfort. Clearly if it is really bad I won’t but I doubt that will happen.  The DOMS should subside in a few sessions and I won’t have any remnants of it again I try something else out of the box.  I believe with this new cross fit trainer and my new app that I truly have enough to keep my body guessing. Believe it or not my body has gotten use to Burpees; I didn’t say my brain however.  Every time I hear the word Burpee I think “oh no, not again” but my body is fine doing them. The ropes were so tough, but I felt really strong being able to wave those things down and back and in and out.  No joke when I feel like I’m not making much progress and then I get thrown a routine like that, I totally get to see and feel the progress I have made.

I won’t kid anyone; I was terrified jumping on the boxes. Not the front jump or the Burpee up on the box but when we had to straddle the box and jump both feet into the middle that is when I wasn’t confident in myself.  He coached me through it and rounds 2 and 3 I was way more confident.  I also learned the proper way to use kettle-bells and it isn’t willy nilly throwing them around the way it looks when I have seen kettle-bell classes going on.

Tomorrow night I’m back in the gym for another round of weight training but no cross fit in the morning so I should be able to knock it out pretty hard.  DOMS be damned I’m doing this and pushing this body a little harder every committed workout.

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