One of my favorite things about Bikram is the heat and how when I start sweating and my joints heat up they can really move into the positions without too much effort.  Unfortunately, not everyone enjoys the heat as much as I do and on Sunday morning we had some new students and our instructor actually opened the door before we even got to triangle.  I had to put on another layer just to try and keep the heat in allow me to do the postures.

When we hit the floor as soon as I was finished with the spine strengthening exercise I knew that the next exercises were going to be difficult without the extra warmth.  You are really stretching your knees and hips and in Camel and Rabbit they are the 2 postures that are extreme in back ends and forward bends so I had to unfortunately leave. Since I’m a regular I did express my concern and I do understand that the heat can be overwhelming for new people but heat is part of the practice and on a Sunday morning when there hasn’t been time to really warm up the room it is even more important to keep the door shut and keep as much heat in as possible.

Some days I think that I would love to have my own Bikram studio and of course run the business my Bikram instructors actually taught the class but honestly how much Bikram would I really be able to do?  I should just stick with being a student!


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