I have decided to do more walking and try to really increase my steps for the month of April. I’m doing my cross fit but only on Monday and Wednesday and cutting back on my Bikram to about 4 days a week and trying to walk more and get in more steps. The weather is changing so I’m able to get outside and enjoy the fresh air as well as walking is good for my body and brain.

I started a strict Autoimmune Protocol where I only eat fruit, vegetable and meat.  If it doesn’t fall under one of those categories I don’t eat it.  I am feeling hunger pangs but I think it is more mental than physical and I think my brain just hadn’t caught up with my body yet. I’m use to eating a lot of food in a day and although my menu might look like a lot to some people it is a mere caption of what I was eating before.  I am not starving and I’m not light headed so I know I’m getting plenty of calories and I just need my brain to realize I’m getting enough calories also.

I have cut back on my exercise though during this period so I don’t over burn calories and not be able to replenish them.  I’m all for eating vegetables and fruit but I can’t eat meat all day. I can eat it at dinner time and some bacon or sausage in the morning but I don’t snack on meat and when I usually would pull a hard boil egg or peanut butter now I’m staring in the face of celery, carrots, cucumbers, and apples.  These are all great foods but burn pretty quickly in my system.  The walking allows my body to move without over burning a lot of calories.

I’m not sleeping well either which I think is just a mental thing. I’m not going to bed hungry and I’m not waking up in the night hungry but my body is adjusting to a different routine. I’m adjusting to a different routine. When I would normally be getting out of bed at 4am I’m finding that I’m just falling asleep so I’m taking notice and allowing myself a good hour of sleep then getting up and either a quick 30 cross fit session or a nice walk.  Either way it isn’t too much but just enough to remind me that mornings are a good time for me and I enjoy the first fresh air of morning walks.  My fitbit is always with me so I’m hoping that the month of April I see a real increase in the amount of steps for me.  Walking is so therapeutic on so many levels and since I really enjoy it I should do it.

Starting in May I will have all my labs done and I will have cleaned my body of all autoimmune triggers therefore I should have a good idea of where my base line is and then decide what my next steps are.  I’m not doing this alone by the way; I have a doctor I’m working with so I don’t recommend anyone doing the AIP on your own but certainly talk to your doctor if you are curious.


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