Some of you may or may not be celebrating Easter today and in my house-hold we celebrate Easter the way we do most holidays by eating. This is not a religious holiday for us but instead a holiday wrapped all around food.  Let me explain, we start with Easter brunch which by the way we all love very much.  We have gone to Easter brunch for 25 years as a family and my spouse and sister-in-law have been joining us for the last 12 years and now my nephew for the last 2 years.  This brunch is a place where we make memories happen every year.  Every year something fun happens or we create something fun or silliness just starts. The Easter bunny comes around, the kids go nuts and walla silly starts. This is a place where although it is “classy” they take the class down a notch and just let the kids have some fun. My nephew gets blueberries with whipped cream which is a kids dream and the rest of us chat, laugh, and just enjoy the time together.  One meal down and yes we are stuffed but it doesn’t stop there.

We move on my mother’s home because the day just can’t be finished with Easter brunch.  We climb into more relaxing clothes and now that our tight pants are off well we just feel better and have made room for more food.  We do wait for a bit of time but not much before the tray of munchies makes it way out to the table.  You don’t realize how much you can eat when music is being played, dancing is going on, a little too much red wine might be consumed (yes even on Sunday early afternoons) and after munchies well the ham arrives with salads and sides and now we are sitting down to another entire meal.  Did I mention that there is dessert too?  I know because I’ve brought it!! I am just as much a culprit in all this as anyone but this is what we do.  We eat, laugh, talk, eat, dance, laugh, eat and talk some more. Honestly, I wouldn’t change this day for anything except the need to get into the Bikram studio which doesn’t happen on holidays but if I could that would be one heavenly day.

So, with all this eating what kind of choices do I need to make? I make sure that I choose gluten free first and foremost.  From there I can make other decisions and I usually choose not to eat any potato type foods and stick with eggs, meats, salads and fruits.  At brunch I will find a dessert I like and have it but I will look at all of them and make a decision based on what I really want.  When we get to my mom’s most of the food is all suitable for Matthew and I to eat because she is getting use to what we do and don’t eat but if there are things there that have gluten we won’t eat them.  Gluten is our main concern at this point and if we can avoid that we have done extremely well in social situations.  The dessert I made is great for Matthew, my nephew and me because I made a banana chocolate chia pudding.  I used a whole banana this time as my sweetener, with 2 tbsp of dark cocoa powder, 1.25 cups almond milk and 1/3 cup chia seeds.  I put everything in the blender and moved it to my glass jar and although it isn’t being presented very pretty in the jar I’ll dish it out and put a little whipped cream on top and everyone will think this is just chocolate pudding, with a twist.

I wouldn’t trade in my moments with my family ever and nor should I. Yes we eat a lot but my family is fairly active, healthy, and eats well when we aren’t together so we use holidays as a reason to eat, eat and eat some more.  Happy Easter to all of you and hope you make the best decisions for you today.



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