Sprint work does not sound fun and I won’t try to convince anyone that it can be fun.  Although there are many options to sprint work, whether you do it on an elliptical, treadmill, row machine or just sprint outside around a track.  I took several weeks off from my sprint work due to illness, then vacation and finally just because it is so easy to fall out of routine and not do sprint work.

My Cross Fit trainer gently reminded me that I shouldn’t take any more time off from sprint work and get back to it.  Before I stopped I was doing about 10-12 minutes of sprint work with resting time in between but sprinting hard and fast and really feeling it.  I decided for my sprint work this week since it had been a while I would do it on the treadmill and start at 9miles/hr. for 20 and rest 10 seconds. As you can see I’m using the Tabata method on the treadmill to get back my stamina.  Ok, no joke after 2 minutes of Tabata work I was completely winded.  I had no idea I could lose my lung capacity after that amount of time so now I have learned my lesson and back to regular sprint work until I can get back to my 10-12min then I can  move to other machines or hopefully by than the weather will be nice enough for me to sprint outside.  When I do my sprint work it is on my walking days and yoga days.

I did some more sprint work today and was able to get up to 3 minutes of Tabata type sprinting so I’m increasing but it is painful. I don’t mean painful in the sense that anything hurts it is just extremely tough.  It is so important though as part of the overall health and fitness of my life so I can’t ignore it or put it on the back burner like I did.  Now if I get sick or go into flare I’m not sprinting. I will walk, and walk and walk some more but I won’t push my lungs if I don’t feel really good. The key though is that as soon as I do feel good I will get right back to it and not go long periods of time anytime in between sessions.

The good thing is that I feel great right now I should take advantage of this time and without over doing it, really do it well.  I am at nearly 50 days without a flare and my body is feeling very strong.  I like the strong feeling I have and don’t want to compromise that or lose it but at the same time I have a fine line of not falling off the flare-free fence either.  Right now I’ve got it pretty well figured out and with the nice weather coming soon I will be able to get outside for fresh air and extremely long walks and hikes.  That is when I’m the happiest and in my bliss so come on SPRING!!!


2 thoughts on “SPRINT WORK

  1. Jennifer Hawley March 28, 2013 at 2:53 pm Reply

    I hear ya with the come on spring- I am in WV and it has snowed all week the kids have had three snow days….ITS the END of MARCH. We just bought two Kayaks that are waiting to be used so come on spring. Also,( due to your inspiration on me) I signed up for a 5k trail run on mountains. I have been doing pretty good my flares are about every 6-8 weeks right now but livable. So, I train with the C25k program …did it ever occur to me that I would be running in 28 degree weather up and down mountains and my training consisted of me on the treadmill watching HGTV??? Whoops, but I DID IT and survived. My hip joints are still a little angry but definitly healing. What I have learned is that this disease sucks, sometimes but the rest of your time should be spent staying as strong as possible with exercise. Thanks again for the site!!

    • mevsmctd March 28, 2013 at 4:01 pm Reply

      I think that is wonderful and very exciting that you are running a 5K in the mountains none the less. On the days you feel good take full advantage because it won’t happen every day but 6-8 weeks between flares is better than montly or bi-monthly. I wish you all the best and if you happen to take any pictures on your run send them along!!!

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