It is not unusual that I would be having sugar cravings each day now that I’m back home and trying to get back to normal.  I was eating and drinking way more than I’m use to and we did splurge big time on sweets while we were gone for our week.  My home is clean of all treats and snacks and truly has been for several months so when I’m home I still get the cravings but I have nothing to feed the cravings.  At work, this place is swarming with sweet treats from candy, goodies, and anything else sugar laden you can think of.  This is actually the time when I get the cravings the most.  I have made sure to eat a larger dinner than normal so after dinner I have no room left in my belly for a treat even if I wanted one but at work I constantly have to tell myself that I don’t really need a snack and I certainly don’t need a sugary treat.

Last night my husband said we need a treat. He very rarely says these words, so the fact that he did say it means he is having weird cravings also right now. We need to detox the bodies and get back into the mind frame of eating whole, real food again and not letting distractions and the idea of treats throw us off track.  I’m reading the Paleo Coach which is a wonderful book and I just happen to be at the point where he talks about “cheat or treat meals” and what a bad idea they are.  It really comes down to making choices about health, food, and nutrition and I have much bigger goal in mind than just feeding a sugar hunger that isn’t even real.

The program “The Whole 30” is about eating whole foods for 30 days.  There are no treats which means no Paleo treats either but just eating real whole foods that have no processing attached to them.  Both my husband and I have started the Whole 30 only he doesn’t exactly know it yet.  Actually I’m not even going to say anything because as long as there are no Paleo treats at the house he has to eat what is there which is all whole foods.  For 30 days I’m concentrating on getting back on the Paleo program and getting my diet dialed in. I’m not worrying about the AIP right now and have incorporated a few tomatoes and peppers back in because they are sweet without wreaking havoc on my blood sugar levels.  I have packed my cooler with 1 piece of fruit but lots of protein and vegetables and I’m not using nuts at this point since they are just filler and not really a lunch or breakfast item.  I’m working on eating 3 regular meals a day without any snacks and getting in moderate exercise but my sleep is really great right now so the rest will fall into place soon.

During my cross fit session this morning I felt really strong and glad I didn’t take the entire week off from exercise while on vacation.  There is so much work that can be done in the sand and walking, walking for miles and miles and it doesn’t even feel like exercise.  I did jump in the gym a few mornings to get in some tabata training so when I hit the class again today it felt like I had never left.  Our workout was tough and I was tired but I felt like I had accomplished what I set out to accomplish this morning and that feels great.


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