I feel like an almost normal person.  I very rarely get sick and a lot of times it comes in a form of a flare and it is over.  On Friday I woke up feeling a little off balance and as the days went on I lost my voice, have tight lungs, and a pretty foggy head.  My balance is still off but I think that is the foggy of the head and extra fluid in the head and ears.  I have been using Bikram as a healing agent the last several days and making sure to get into the studio at least once a day.  The humidity is really good for my lungs and I like how they feel taking deep breaths of the wet air.  My lungs really haven’t let me down so other than a hacking cough and no voice no one would even know that I’m not myself.

I went to cross fit this morning and my trainer just looked at me and shook her head. She said are you really going to be able to do this? My response was if my lungs can keep up with my legs I’ll be fine.  Sure enough my lungs did keep up with legs and I was fine.  In general my lungs are extremely healthy and strong so I would have to try running a marathon or swimming laps for them struggle.  The deep breathing I get in yoga every day is really helping to keep them strong even when they seem compromised.  Now I do realize that during this time I need to take care of myself and I’m listening to my loved ones and not pushing it so with my Bikram, a little cross fit this morning the rest of my time is spent walking.  I love to walk and truly can walk for miles upon miles. I don’t think of walking as exercise which is probably why I love it so much.  I use it to clear my head, distress and move my legs.  It doesn’t put added pressure on my lungs and I don’t feel off balance when I get in a rhythm of walking.

When I’m in Bikram and need to balance and then feel off balance it is a bit frustrating but I just remember why I’m really there and it isn’t to get into full position of standing bow right now but more to strengthen my lungs and start to clear this head cold out.  I don’t have to perfect my tree but I do need to stand still and breathe and just take in all the healing powers of Bikram.  The heat is amazing and my body, mind and lungs really enjoy it.  Having a daily practice of Bikram is not easy but certainly worth it.


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