Could there be a correlation between gluten and swollen fingers?  With MCTD my fingers are pretty much always swollen little sausages but I did get into some gluten with the Valentine’s Day holiday and this morning when I woke up my fingers were even more swollen.  I know it could be water retention if I got into more sodium than usual or the gluten that I had even though it was a small amount, or even the fact that I’m only 9 days back from a flare and maybe my body is still fighting something.  There could be any number of reasons but why this morning?  This is when I track in my journal everything that I do so I can see where I changed things and see if I can put two and two together.  I didn’t consume more sodium than normal so I’m ruling that out.  When I have had other flares I didn’t have overly swollen fingers a week or more later that I mentioned in my writings but gluten has been a trigger for me in other areas.  I don’t have celiac and I don’t have to worry if I get into it but it does make me feel uncomfortable and at least reminds me for a time being until I get into it again.

I did take out eggs and it will be time to try adding them back in soon just to see how my body does with them.  Part of the elimination method is when you try eating something you can see how it effects you.  Be certain when I ate the cupcake that contained gluten, eggs, dairy, sugar  and other things that I have eliminated I didn’t think I would wake up feeling great but I thought it was worth it at that moment.  After this morning I am hoping those moments of worth it are reminders that they aren’t always worth it and I keep moving on and away from the little cupcakes.  Normally I wouldn’t get caught in the gluten crossfire but I got caught up in the moment.  My cute little nephew came in with a box of treats for his auntie and I just couldn’t help myself.  Nor do I want to never eat these things again I just want to know exactly what will happen when I do.  If I want to share something incredible with husband I will, or if my nephew brings me something delicious I’ll enjoy but I know it will have consequences for me.  Just like if I drink white wine I use to love white wine and having a glass with my mother while we talked about whatever it is we talk about.  It came with swollen fingers and a not so nice feeling the next day.  I very rarely if ever drink it now. I don’t know that I can even name the last time I indulged in a glass of white wine.  I have switched to red and as long as it isn’t too sweet and is a good bottle I can have ½ glass without feeling any effects.  If that changes I’ll know because it will be written in my journal but until than when I want to splurge I can and yes I even do from time to time. Not often, but sometimes.  It’s important to pick your moments.


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