Friday I got home from a tough week at work feeling pretty exhausted and saw an e-mail from my sister-in-law about gluten and arthritis. She wrote and said I saw this article and thought of you.  I have posted it below for anyone who is interested in reading it. I also, highly suggest anyone with MCTD read it although this is not a MCTD article it is intriguing none the less.


I read the first page and tears came to my eyes, as I kept reading more tears came but a sense of change was coming with my tears. Could it be the way people think is changing?  As my husband walked through the door and saw me sitting at the kitchen table with tears, (mind you not full blown ugly cry) he asked me what was wrong.  I proceeded to tell him about how his sister sent me this article about eliminating sugar, gluten, refined carbs in order to help arthritis and how I wish I had this information 10 years ago. How far I could have come in 10 years with this info that I just started learning about recently.  How perhaps if this article made it into her hands then mainstream thinking might be changing.  And, could I reverse the effects of my MCTD by clearing up my “leaky gut” and is it really all about a leaky gut?

He stopped me at that point and said “you don’t get to cry.” Wait, I don’t get to cry?  I have lived with this annoyance of a disease for 10 years with little complaint and I don’t get to cry?  Was he for real?  Yes he was and I’ll tell you why.  He proceeded to say that I have done everything I possibly could for the last 10 years with the information I had at the time.  I made managing this disease my full time job and worked as hard at that as I work in every other aspect of my life.  That I reach out to people almost every day trying to help change their lives so that they aren’t looking back saying “I wish I had that information 10 years ago”  he went on to say that my tears were not sadness or anger so what were they?  They were tears of exhaustion.  True honest exhaustion, and at that moment I realized he was right.  So what if I didn’t have this information 10 years ago I have it now and my life is no where near the end so I have many decades to change the effects of this disease.

I have lived with this disease for 10 years but more than live with it I have managed it.  I have not been hospitalized for it, I do not have nodules on my hands from scar tissue, I don’t have pulmonary issues, I don’t have days when I’m in bed recovering from a flare and I don’t feel as though I have to moderate my life based on having MCTD. I get up every day and do what I need to do, more I do what I want to do.  Sure I wish I was further along and off my medication and didn’t have to see my doctor on a regular basis but I also realize that when I walk into his office I’m one of the healthiest, strongest, positive people that he sees in his day.  I also, am very well aware that I can cry whenever I want but my husband wanted to make the point that the past is not worth crying about.  Nor is the future for that matter since I have no idea what it brings.  Taking care of myself and making sure I’m not overly fatigued to the point where I want to cry is majorly important.

In the midst of all this I got a 2nd e-mail from my sister-in-law telling me that she has been inspired watching me deal with this.  Those are very powerful words and honestly I’m grateful and honored to hear them not from just her, or my other family friends but I hear them from you as my readers and if I can pass along information to some of you then you won’t have to wait 10 years to make a change either and life is all about time and right now we all have it so enjoy it and use it wisely.



  1. Phoenix Health Coaching February 4, 2013 at 6:46 pm Reply

    I loved this post of yours! Here’s mine:

  2. Phoenix Health Coaching February 4, 2013 at 11:41 pm Reply

    Yours too!

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