I have had good success with eliminating grains, legumes, soy, sugar, nightshades and dairy so now I’m ready to tackle eliminating eggs.  The thought process behind eliminating eggs is that they tend to be disruptive on the digestion of someone with an autoimmune disease.  The egg white is what protects the yolk in nature and can be a trigger for autoimmune.  I have remained certain that I did not have any problem with eggs but the true test is to take it out of my diet for next 21 days and see how I really feel.  If after 21 days I eat an egg I should be able to tell fairly quickly if it is food I leave out or can put back in. This elimination is tough for me because eggs were my breakfast staple.

I started drinking protein shakes in the morning but ditched my current protein because it had sugar in it.  I have a new vegetable blend with no sugar, soy, or any other ingredients that I don’t want and I mix it with kale, frozen strawberries, a splash of coconut milk and water.  The first couple of shakes were not my favorite but they did keep me pretty full for a while.  This morning I had one that I actually thought tasted pretty good so I think my taste buds are changing.  I really like having a shake in the morning because it is easy and quick and I know exactly what I’m having and I don’t have to think about it. Cutting the sugar and artificial sweeteners has made a real difference in how I feel.  My mind as cluttered as it is, is actually working better and I haven’t dealt with brain fog in a really long time.

After I get through eggs for a bit then I’ll attack nuts and seeds.  The idea is to get to a meat, vegetable, good fat, and fruit diet and see how my inflammation levels react.  Since I have a doctor’s apt soon I need to start the elimination to see if there is any change.  It might seem hard to eliminate these foods but meal planning is much easier and the food we are making tastes really good.  It would be harder if my husband was eating different foods but since we have the same dinner and basically the same lunches and snacks it all works.  I’ll continue the elimination process and see if I can’t truly reduce my inflammation.


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