Every summer and fall I forget about the one MCTD symptom that really bothers me and happens every winter.  You would think after 10 winters with this I would remember but I think my mind saves me the hassle and let’s me forget until the coldest days of winter are upon me and then I am forced to remember and face the fact that my hands and especially my thumbs are so incredibly sore.

It might sound strange to someone without MCTD but if you have it you probably know what I’m referring to.  It isn’t Raynaud’s as much as it is a constant ache in my fingers and my thumbs feel like any slight movement in the wrong direction and they will just fall off.  I once said to my husband jokingly but then again not really that if I could remove my thumbs I would feel better.  They are so sore that if I get them caught in a glove or even a pocket it brings tears to my eyes.  I combat this soreness with extra prednisone, anyone who is familiar with my blogs know that I really dislike increasing this medication but it seems to be the only thing that can help. I also take an arthritic strength Tylenol when I really need a quick boost of relief.  I try to keep this down to a minimum since I know the Tylenol can do damage to my stomach lining over time. Like I need to add more damage to an already damaged lining.

Typing is a part of my daily life but it is actually easier than picking up a pen and trying to write something this time of year.  I very rarely write anything anymore because of my sausage fingers but this time of year just holding a pen can be difficult.  I even went out and bought an arthritic pen. Yes, they actually make them and they are fatter in the center so you don’t have to grip such a small cylinder but still not quite enough for me when I feel like this.  I don’t feel this way the other 3 seasons, therefore, I’m convinced it is just the cold weather setting into my bones and joints.  Even if I’m extremely warm and even in Bikram that part doesn’t go away this time of year.

I have always been a summer time gal and never say I’m too hot because the cold really does wear me down.  I still do what I want and I’m still active I just have these two obstacles in my way called thumbs.  I need them so I have them and I should be careful saying I wish I didn’t.  I’m sure if I didn’t have them life in general would be incredibly difficult so I deal with them at least until the weather warms a bit and my joints have a chance to thaw.


3 thoughts on “MY DAILY REMINDER

  1. Autumn January 6, 2013 at 6:47 am Reply

    My fingers hurt too. Probably not as bad as your thumbs! My joints by my toes start to really hurt by the end of the day. It’s so cold here in Seattle. I love to go outdoors too to run or walk.

  2. Katie January 7, 2013 at 6:35 am Reply

    Wow can’t believe I just came across your blog! I was diagnosed over 6 months ago now (just before my wedding), what a surprise. It is so great you are sharing. Thank you.

    • mevsmctd January 7, 2013 at 3:45 pm Reply

      Finding the man of my dreams and planning a wedding didn’t seem stressful but apparently it was just enough stress to bring MCTD to the surface for me. I believe that I was going to end up with MCTD no matter what but someone or something gave me an amazing support person first!!! Good luck with your journey and hope you have a good support system in place as well.

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