Happy New Year!  Today is a day of new beginnings, of new challenges, of new joys, of new fears, of new uncertainties, of new relationships, of new ideas, and of new wonders.  It is almost as though when we wake up and the slate has been cleared clean and we can start over if we want.  It is a day of knowing deep inside ourselves that this is the year for whatever we have been waiting for.  Today we wake up and think I’m going to do whatever it is I’ve been waiting to do.  Why do we wait? This day allows us to wait.  Most of us have been spending the last 2 months waiting for this day so we can make a fresh start.

Last night I was even thinking about what this day would like and what my year will look like.  Granted I don’t have a magic ball but I do anticipate my year looking a certain way.  In the past I haven’t made New Year’s resolutions but after hearing a podcast that instead of a resolution pick one word in which you live by for the year 2013 I was thinking that was a novel idea.  What one word would I pick, where would my ideals, values and moral compass get locked in, what one word would best fit all facets of my life?  This year is really about my health but I’m still a wife, sister, friend, daughter, and Auntie. While I focus on myself I cannot forget others around me.

The last few months of 2012 have been difficult for me in the area of stress and fatigue, so while I’m trying so hard to gain total control over my health those 2 triggers are planted firmly in my way. I want to achieve optimal health and although I’m not sure exactly what that looks like I’m using blood markers to help me determine. When I think about these facets of my life and I think about the optimal health I want to gain and achieve I realize that I’m “committing” to being a stronger, healthier better woman.  My one word to live by is “commitment.”

I’m committed to eating cleaner, I’m committed to sleeping efficiently, I’m committed to being more attentive to my husband, I’m committed to being more available to my nephew.  These are the things that I woke up today really wanting to be.  As my year moves forward I will add to my list and as I’m challenged throughout my year I’ll be reminded of what my word is and want it means to be committed.  My husband will have not struggle keeping me committed to being attentive to him while he helps me stay committed to my health. We make a marvelous team and our commitment to each other and our goals makes us strong. I’m looking forward to what 2013 has to offer and what I can contribute to it along the way.


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