I love this time of year as much as anyone but I’m so ready for the holiday season to come to an end.  I have tried to stay on track but my wheels get pulled off the track frequently.  I try and make deals with myself, challenge myself and even say it out loud.  However, I still find myself being drawn to the yummy, oh so full of gluten and sugar treats around me.

I don’t bring them home so they are not in my tranquil environment when I just need to rest and de-stress and not think about sweets, however, everywhere else I seem to go makes it difficult for me to resist. The parties and gatherings, with all the company holiday parties is making me a little crazy so when this season finally comes to an end in a few days I can refocus and start a new challenge.  When I’m working on a challenge I’m more determined to stay focus and stay on task. I haven’t decided what my challenge will be yet but I’ll make it realistic and fun so I’m sure to complete it even with some difficulty.  Until then I’ll just keep walking, doing cross fit and going to Bikram so it might help offset the disastrous eating a little bit.

I was listening to Keifer last week and was half tempted to try carb back loading just as a way to remove some guilt but the decided against it because my long term goal is to get back to the Paleo lifestyle and really work hard to reduce my symptoms of MCTD, which will also keep my flare-up free.


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