After my last post I was giving my workouts a lot of thought and wondering if this class idea was right for me. I started to do some research which is my best form of education.  I started to look up cross fit classes and see video of other types of cross fit classes.  I also looked at the videos on Everyday Paleo Fitness where I got the form videos for myself and they are conducting their class just like we conduct our class.  Once people are racing against the clock I was seeing in their form that it lacks also. However, they are able to hold a correct form longer than I was expecting.

I really enjoy taking this class and when I’m not in class I’m already lifting heavy and making sure my form is spot on.  During the class when we are bouncing between burpees, push-ups, jacks, plyo-jumps, squats, and sit-ups I’m still going to work on my form but I realize now that part of this type of working out is meant to fatigue the body and do it quickly therefore doing a perfect push-up every single time isn’t all that realistic but if I can make sure that I do as many as possible with great form and work within my 30 minute window I will gain strength which I already see and it allows me to continue taking the class that I get a lot of enjoyment out of.

The class structure is great for me because I like the camaraderie and that friendly competition that takes place. Besides, I do a lot of working out by myself so having others and especially a trainer involved a couple days a week is really beneficial to keep me motivated.  I actually feel better seeing some videos on line and also realize that what I’m doing is very similar to other cross fit places.  We aren’t flipping tires or have we “thrown” any weights but we are certainly doing the HIT, and heavy weight routines that I see at other locations.  I actually feel like an almost “real” cross fitter.  However, I still don’t know what a “snatch” is but when I’m ready I’ll research that too.


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