I have been learning more about heavy lifting in the Paleo fitness realm and as I’m finding out just lifting heavy weights isn’t enough.  My form has to be right on target, which I actually thought it was.  If someone asked me if I knew how to do a squat, I would think of course I do.  In our cross fit training session we are racing against the clock so form isn’t the first ingredient in our recipe of exercise.  I now realize form must be first and foremost and the racing against the clock is foolish.  I love my cross fit class and I will continue to take it twice a week but on my off days I’m going to really focus on my lifts.

I realized after watching some lifting videos at Every day Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness that I was not sitting back far enough on my squats and putting unnecessary pressure on my knees.  I have corrected that as well as started at the beginning of the program they offer on their site and today worked on overhead press.  Again, I thought was doing the correct way but after watching the videos my elbows were too far out.  I dropped the weight from what I would have normally used to get my form down correctly and then once I know my form is good for each rep and each set I will add weight. My goal is to add weight but keep good form and when I hit the proper weight with good form than I can really work on gaining strength.  In the process of slowing down and making sure my form is correct I know I’ll gain strength in the process as well but just a little slower.  This also might help with pain in my wrists, elbows and shoulders when doing some exercises.

In cross fit I’m going to work on form as well but I have to be realistic with myself and when you are racing against the clock speed takes over and form is the first to go so my hope is that between doing cross fit with my group but working on form and strength on my own I’ll have a nice routine.  Throw in my Bikram and walking and it should be a well-rounded program to get me through this long winter we are entering into.


2 thoughts on “HEAVY LIFTING

  1. I hope to get back into walking tomorrow. I fell on my foot, bruising or twisting it, a little swollen, but doing better today. Didn’t have to skip any yoga poses today.

    • mevsmctd December 12, 2012 at 9:56 pm Reply

      Everything works out when yoga is invovled. I do hope you are able to start walking again soon. It is hard to have your routine interrupted even if briefly.

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