We are coming off of our first real weekend of Holiday parties and although my challenge of eating only gluten-free foods work wonderfully during the week, on the weekends things get a little more tricky.  We had Christmas parties both Saturday and Sunday and on Sunday it was my husband’s family Christmas party.  I have been part of this family for a decade but they are a large group of people and they love their pasta and bread, with dips and sauces and let’s not even mention the dozens upon dozens of different desserts.  Granted, I love his family’s food so much and I love my health so what’s a girl to do?  I did the most diplomatic thing I could and just chose the things that meant the most.  Yes, I had lasagna and considering I haven’t eaten pasta in over 7 months it really did taste exceptionally delicious.  I also splurged on the incredible desserts and when it was all said and done I’m still standing and no damage done.

Today I go back to eating clean, whole foods and make better choices but let’s be honest in my regular life these choices are way easier.  I’ll run into some rough situations in the coming weekends so during the week I need to be even more strict with my choices and choose to forgo even yummy gluten-free items so that when I find myself in weekend situations I can just go with the flow.

I realize that part of the problem here, if it really is a problem, is that I’m not that forth coming with people about what I’m doing.  I’m still learning and researching and have never been the type of person to try and persuade others so I’m just quietly doing things on my own with the help of my husband.  Also, it is hard to explain to someone that I eat “Paleo” while I’m sharing in a plate of lasagna if you know what I mean? Once I come to grips with the fact that this is my new lifestyle and I’m having long term benefits from it than it might be easier to speak about it in party arenas. Right now I just prefer to be choosy about my choices and bring more for myself and my husband.  That was a big problem this past weekend.  Over Thanksgiving we took a ton of food that we knew we could eat and everyone loved it with no question about it being a “diet” food but we weren’t prepared this weekend and realized our choices were limited.

After the party we both talked about how a little preparation goes a long way.  Going forward we will be more prepared but we also have to realize that this is the type of season that just revolves around food, food and more food.  Nothing wrong with food, I love it more than anything but I also love my health and want to make sure I’m not hurting myself.  I don’t believe that one day falling off the Paleo wagon will hurt me and I know I don’t have celiac nor am I lactose intolerant but I do believe that processed foods can cause inflammation and the more I keep my inflammation down the better off I’ll be in the long run. Perhaps I might even hit my 200 days without a flare-up this time around.


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