This past week we had another Cross Fit Assessment test in which we do 4 different exercises using the Tabata method.  The Tabata method is 20 seconds hard as you can and 10 seconds of rest for a total of 4 minutes.  The first exercise was pull downs using the machines.  Last time I did this was 6 weeks ago and completed 54 pull downs in the 4 minute allotted time.  This time I did 91 pull downs using the same weight, which means I need to increase my weight.  The next exercise we did was push-ups and 6 weeks ago I was so over joyed because I did 101 push-ups from not being able to do any back in June.  This time I did 130 push-ups in the 4 minutes and felt like a rock star.  Unfortunately after this exercise though I was toast and the next 2 were tougher.  Third in line is sit-ups, 6 weeks ago I did 81 this time 84. Even though there wasn’t much improvement I realize that I didn’t leave much after my pull downs and push-ups to really make a big impact on the last 2 exercises.

This brings me to the last exercise which was squats.  Butt to the bench or they don’t count is how we do them and 6 weeks ago I did 148 squats.  This time around I only got 137 done.  I didn’t have any that weren’t counted but I certainly didn’t do them as fast as my first assessment test.  I think that fatigue had set in and I just couldn’t get my legs to move very fast.  It would be interesting to do the test again and mix up the order.  My shoulders were sore the next day but I still was in shock I did so many push-ups. It does show that I’m getting stronger and that makes this all worth it.

I have no figured out the routine of our trainer and therefore the next session will be more cardio related.  I’m not sure I have a favorite routine yet with my sessions but I do like a mix of cardio and weight training although there is a lot of wasted time in between transitions when weights are involved.  It all works and it all helps and honestly I just feel great knowing my workout is over in 30 minutes.


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