Our first morning waking up at Kripalu it is dark. Granted it is 6am and I’m off to my first yoga class. Matthew as sweet as can be says, “see you when I see you” back to sleep he went. I look out the window and darkness is looking back at me. Although, I’m certain it must be cold out there I’m tucked safely and warmly inside the walls of Kripalu getting ready to stretch my morning achy bones. 

Yesterday our yoga sessions were all about being gentle and easing Matthew into the yoga as well as stretching our hips and lower back from sitting in a car for hours.  Today however, is all about me really working my yoga practice and getting deep into my practice and my postures. The instructor this morning was one of my favorites so I was expecting a great class that was going to have me work.  Unfortunately, it didn’t get any fluid off my joints but it did open up my hips and lower back as well as loosen up

my knees and ankles and I’m already feeling like a new women.

From there we headed to breakfast. The philosophy at Kripalu is every morning you start with a silent breakfast. It is time to reflect and keep quiet and just be with your food and your thoughts. I had forgotten how nice this ritual is and how much I really enjoy eating in a quiet atmosphere. During my silent breakfast I splurged on some yummy home-made banana bread and ate it completely guilt free.  Back at home I will forgo these types of indulgences but they are made with love at Kripalu so yes I indulge.

Since we did the R&R program we are kind of on our own. This is the first time I have done this so we basically looked at the schedule and decided what we wanted to do throughout the day.  There are lots of workshops and meditation classes as well as yoga all day long.  I did everything I possibly could and this was the day Matthew headed to the spa so dance yoga was all mine.  It is type of yoga made up of all dance and yes the first time you step in the class many are self-conscience, I know I was but now after doing it so much I just find it incredibly liberating.  No one cares what I’m doing and just let the music move me.  This hour is great fun.

The day wasn’t over by a long shot and there was plenty of workshops and yoga to be done and I did it all. However, after dinner we were totally exhausted and didn’t go to the music show but headed to bed early to get a good night’s sleep and start again on Sunday.


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