On Thursday I spent an incredible day cooking and preparing and then relaxing with my family.  They are truly the most important people in my life and cherish the time I have with each of them.  The day went by fast with a lot of laughing and some serious horse-play that can show up from time to time when the day is winding down.  This can be my favorite time with my family when everyone is so relaxed that the just the silliness of who we are comes out and shines.

We ate way too much and yes my husband and I kept it fairly Paleo.  If we were going by the 80/20 rule we were definitely right there.  The entire meal was Paleo so there is the 80 but dessert got a bit off track in the 20 range.  I did bring gluten-free pumpkin pie but it wasn’t sugar free and I did have a bite of my mother’s layered pumpkin pie that is not gluten-free or sugar free and while I was at it topped it with a bit of vanilla ice cream.  Not very Paleo in the form the dessert but it was so scrumptious.

Now that our bellies are full and our minds are relaxed we headed to Kripalu in the Berkshires to work some of this food off and find some nice quiet couple time.  Kripalu is an amazing yoga retreat center that I absolutely love.  I arrive and immediately find relaxation. The people are all smiling and just incredibly happy to be there. Once we got checked in we changed our clothes and hit our first yoga session.  You can do as much or as little as you want but my time there is short and as I my husband likes to remind me often I can get a lot done in a 12  hour period of time.  This was no exception.  I plan what I want and he does what he wants and many things wind up together but I don’t want him to feel pressure from my need to do it all and I don’t want to miss something because he needs to rest.  I actually booked him some time in the spa so I could go off and yoga to my hearts content.

After our yoga session we had a wonderful dinner but I’ll tell you right now it is hard to be at a  yoga retreat and eat Paleo. Often there is very little meat if any and lots of soy which we are completely avoiding other than the soy we just went with the flow and enjoyed the wonderful foods. There are so many vegetables which is totally Paleo and just worked around it.  We certainly didn’t go hungry.  We ate light since we had another yoga session after dinner and than headed to bed to sleep like babies and do it all over again.  I love this place, all it has to offer and how I feel when I’m there.  I was still swollen so doing yoga and putting pressure on my wrists and hands was hard but it is all part of my journey.


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