Several weeks back I wrote about intermittent fasting I wasn’t sure if it was for me or not as part of a planned routine.  I described that I normal go several hours between Friday night and Saturday afternoon between eating due to my Bikram practice but that the time wasn’t long enough to really be considered fastening.  I actually planned a day to intermittent fast and here is how it went.

This past Friday night I got home from work and told my husband that I was going to fast on Sunday instead of trying to find food at the football game that I could eat and probably wouldn’t like much anyways.  He isn’t that crazy about the whole idea of fasting and especially with my level of works out he thinks it is too much.  We listen to lots of people talk about if you have your sleep under control, very little stress and your food is good then fasting may be ok and even working out in a fasted state can be ok once you hit ketosis.  The literature is all there but many things are not working for me, my sleep is not consistently great, my stress can be high, my body is already turning on itself in an autoimmune reaction, my inflammation is still high and I’m working out harder than ever before.  These are not the best combinations to now throw in fasting. With that said, my husband also understood that when I got to the game I would not eat a pretzel just to eat a pretzel and although I could have a hotdog or sausage without the bun that didn’t sound so pleasing either.  So, we agreed, we were fasting together.

We ate light on Saturday and stopped right after dinner.  On Sunday morning my husband did eat his breakfast, I went to work out.  We didn’t all day Saturday but I did pack some caveman crunch and almonds knowing that if we got searched they would have to be thrown away.  Right before we entered the stadium I had a few almonds and they did not check my belongings so we were good to go.  I actually thought I could break the fast and eat my snacks until I realized I had to take gloves and mittens off in order to do so.  I left the food where it was and drank coffee with cream.

After the game I was so cold and exhausted that we headed home and I ate Monday morning when I got up.  The fasting was fine and I didn’t have any shaking, light headiness or headaches. I didn’t feel like I was starving and I didn’t feel weak. I did think about food the entire time and had a brief moment of panic Sunday morning when I realized I was not eating.  I did consume food so it wasn’t a true fast but enough of one for me to realize that I can do it but I don’t need to do it.  For me right now there is no real benefit to it.  Some people like doing it because they say they don’t have to think about food but for me I always think about food. If I’m not eating it, I’m thinking about it. I love it, I love making it, I love eating, and yes I even like thinking about it.

It is nice to know that if I need to fast again because I’m traveling and don’t want to eat in airports or somewhere else that won’t have the type of food I need then I can forgo food and not feel sick.  That is huge for me considering before I started this I was eating every couple of hours or getting the low blood sugar shakes.  I like the freedom of eating when I want to eat not when I have to eat.  My husband fasted the entire time from breakfast to breakfast and didn’t miss a beat. He had no issues, didn’t even think about it, and just enjoyed the game.  I don’t know if he will do it again but it is great to know he too can go many hours without food and not become ill.  I use to keep granola bars in my purse for him in case we were somewhere and he got light headed.  There is a real difference between being a sugar burner and a fat burner. I think we both realized we are in a fat burning state.


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