I have been attending evening Bikram this past week and really enjoying my practice.  My first evening in the Bikram studio was considerably hotter at 6pm than at 6am and I felt it.  I felt sick and light headed especially every time I let my head go below my heart which is typically a soothing posture.  My body was stiff and it certainly wasn’t use to the evening practice.  I did stop eating about 2 hours before my class but that was not enough time to completely empty my stomach. 

I took notes of how I was feeling and the next time I stopped eating 3 hours before my class but made sure to drink even extra water but stopped about an hour before so I was entering the class on a fairly empty stomach.  My instructor said not to come to class hungry but my body is very use to practicing on an empty stomach and I ended up having a much better practice.  The next time I stopped again 3 hours and took in more water and stopped about half an hour before class and that worked great.  I still had an empty stomach but I was fully hydrated and my practice was amazing.  I’m still stiff at night which my instructor finds interesting since most people are stiff in the morning and as the day goes on loosens up.  For me I have been sitting a lot during the day, stress has set in mostly in my hips and I’m totally exhausted by the end of the day so combine that with winter weather and I need an evening class even more.

I’m still utilizing morning classes every chance I get, but honestly it just isn’t hot enough for me that early in the morning.  This happens to me every winter and I start to wear layers of clothes in Bikram class.  People find this strange but I’m such a creature that loves heat and the more the better.  I use Bikram to keep my joints loose and keep flexible but I also use it for the warmth to help with my Raynaud’s and also because heat feels good on this body. 

I’m glad I have options for evening and morning classes and considering yoga is a practice it just allows me opportunities for more and different practices. No doubt my body will get use to the evening heat in no time and I might find that isn’t hot enough either because the natural heat and humidity of summer is just non-existent in the winter time.  I use sauna therapy in the winter because they run at about 120 degrees even in the winter and I this is another way for me get the heat into my bones, joints, muscles and definitely my toes and fingers.  I yearn for the heat all winter long and although it is a long season it is here to stay so I must find ways around it.


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