As I go through normal life, in and out of appointments and see different people I get the same questions and comments.  They say my skin looks great and that my body looks strong.  No one asks if I have lost weight but they do notice that something is different.  I had an appointment yesterday where I hadn’t seen this woman in over 8 weeks and she said last time you were here you were eating meat, which at the time was a huge shocker for her.  She wanted to know what I was doing so I gave her the quick rundown on my new routine.  She is a runner and loves running so her brain believes she needs tons and tons of carbs and enjoys eating every single one of them. Since she runs and will forever run until her body says no one more she replenishes with carbs and cannot even fathom not having them so my discussion with her was not about carbs or not carbs I was just telling her what was working for me.

She wanted to know about my skin and honestly I don’t know if it is the fact that I’m using coconut oil as my moisturizer now or if just what I’m eating is making a difference, perhaps even a combination of both.  I told her and of course she said isn’t coconut oil really high in saturated fat and not good for you?  I explained that for me the coconut oils, avocado oil, palm oil and other types of oils like these were good fats, but cautioned that she should not run out and start eating a ton of fats right off the bat because she was a sugar burner and your body would burn the sugar first then turn to the fat or store the fat.  There is a switch in total diet that should take place when either cutting carbs or adding excess fat.  Eating carbs and high amounts of fat is not the right combination for most of us.

I told her another time we could dig into the fat talk but today was probably not the day. There are so many layers to making changes to diets and lifestyles but the key is to research and decide what you want to try and then give it a go for 30 days.  A real try for 30 days will let you know what worked, what didn’t, what can be tweaked and what needs to be ditched completely.  Whatever you decide to try won’t work if you are half in and half out. Be committed to which ever you choose fully to get a real sense of the workings for you. 

Also, it is not a good idea to try something new when you are stressed, tired, or know that you will be side tracked due to holidays, family gatherings travel and other obstacles.  You can only change so much and endure so much so be mindful what you are asking of yourself.  There is a reason that everyone starts a new program on January 1, it is because the holidays are behind us, the stress is lessening, and we are fed up with ourselves.  Being fed up can be a motivator but it can also be an inhibitor. Part of what really works when you try something new is understanding your limitations, and working with them.  If you are fed up with yourself you tend to give all your steam in the first couple of days and fizzle out when you are tired and even more fed up.  Taking it one gentle day at a time does wonders.


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