We went to our neighborhood apple orchard a couple of weeks ago and stocked up on a huge bag of apples.  Fresh, organic apples are great treats and from what I can tell don’t spike my blood sugar so I have been enjoying one a day as a treat.  Sure they are sweet and sometimes tart but apples are so good on a daily basis.  Now that we are towards the end of the bag and they have a few little bruises my husband was mentioning that a nice apple dessert would be good for the weekend.  We have baked apples with cinnamon and pecans all the time but that was not what he had in mind.

Apple pie, apple strudel, apple crisp or anything else with apple and yummy is what was more what he was requesting. I haven’t experimented with any crusts yet, so the idea of a pie was a little intimidating.  We settled for apple crisp and it was a good choice.  We still wanted it to fit into our Paleo lifestyle so I started looking for recipes and since I just bought Practical Paleo she has tons of recipes so I started there.  I took her recipes for Blueberry crumble and just used the crumble part and then found an apple crisp recipe on the web and tweaked it for my liking.  What we came up with was pure gold.  So much so I caught my husband eating it for breakfast this morning.

Apple filling

6 apples cut into bit size pieces (I left the skin on since that is where all the goodness is)

1 dash of maple syrup (just to wet the apples)

1 tsp. cinnamon (put more if you like this is a great ingredient on anything)

½ tsp. cardamom (this was an idea from the web recipe and a good one)

Mix in a bowl and pour into a pie plate or 9×9 pan


1.5 cups almond meal

1/2 cup chopped nuts (any of your choice)

3 Tbsp. maple syrup

1 cup shred coconut

¼ cup melted butter or coconut oil

¼ tsp. cinnamon

Pinch of salt

Mix together and put over the apples.  Sprinkle additional nuts on top

Preheat oven to 375 and bake 30-40 minutes until top is brown. The apples won’t be bubbly but should be tender.

As far as the pie crust goes, considering the holidays are only a couple weeks away I need to get started on figuring out the best recipe. I have found a few that use almond meal and will give it go.  Once I perfect the crust the inside can be whatever we choose.  Coming up with Paleo friendly holiday desserts seems easier than I originally thought and the key will just be keeping it to ourselves that they are gluten-free, dairy free and sugar free, but not sweetened free.  We will use maple syrup and raw honey to sweeten our treats.


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