Today is 177 days without a flare and the last flare I had was on May 5, 6 months ago.  I feel great about achieving this milestone.  It is only a small step in a very large mountain I’m trying to climb but it takes small successes to make the long hike worthwhile.  Last week I was watching little twinges of flare creep up on me but it all worked out great and I’m still flare-up free and moving along nicely.

The weather change has really caused an increase in the severity of my Raynaud’s so I’m back to taking a daily dose of Niacin which helps and helps quickly. I have some flushing but alternate between flushing Niacin and non-flushing Niacin.  I do believe the flushing works quicker but there are sometimes when I cannot look like an overcooked lobster so I choose to take non-flushing Niacin.  It still helps moves blood to my fingers and toes and that is all I’m looking for this supplement to do. I do think that once I’m back on a normal routine of Bikram and using some sauna therapy I might see a decrease in the amount of Niacin I use. However, I’m not on a concerning large amount of it and I find this supplement to be useful in other aspects as well, such as decreasing LDL which is always a good thing.

I had my cross fit session this morning and she ran us through some Tabata’s but about ½ way through she mentioned that it didn’t seem like this was a very challenging workout and she was right.  It felt good but we are used to working much harder and for longer segments.  We looked at the board and did this workout back in June.  Amazing how far we have come since June.  I don’t remember actually doing the workout but I’m sure it felt tough at the time and now it was more like a warm up.

She made mentioned that we should prepare for Wednesday since she let us off easy today.  Bring it on!!!  I like how I feel when I’m put through her workouts and yet I also know that they won’t kill me, put me into flare, or set me back and that makes it all the more grand.


2 thoughts on “6 MONTHS FLARE FREE

  1. Sal McKenna November 6, 2012 at 6:58 am Reply

    Congratulations Nicole, it must feel wonderful, long may it continue.

    • mevsmctd November 6, 2012 at 1:15 pm Reply

      Thank you so much, and yes it feels wonderful. I’m taking it day by day and enjoying each day flare-up free


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