Bikram yoga never felt so good.  Last week due to Sandy and believe me we got very little of her wrath but it was enough to completely flood the Bikram studio. I didn’t go to class on Thursday since I was listening to my exhausted body and stayed in bed but come to find out they weren’t opened on that day after all.  Yesterday, Saturday, my favorite Bikram day I just headed to class like I always do and found the Big Closed sign on the front of the door.   Apparently, Sandy did more damage than I originally thought and since I truly needed that Bikram warmth yesterday I went to the sauna instead.  Sometimes my body is looking for warmth, to the core, deep in the bones and joints warmth.  I wanted that yesterday in the worst way.

Today I got that warmth back in the Bikram studio and it never felt so good.   My breathing was a little off since it has been over a week since I stepped foot in the Bikram studio and as anyone who does it regularly you know that your body has to start all over getting acclimated to the temperature again. There were tons of people in there which I’m certain is because they haven’t been at least since last Monday night.  That was the last time anyone could have taken a class.  Tuesday morning when I arrived there was 2 feet of water greeting us.

I can’t imagine what the people in NY and NJ are dealing right now, although we see what they want to show us on the news. Many of those people are under such extreme stress that there is probably no better time for some yoga than right now.  They don’t even need a Bikram studio or the heat but rather a mat a few minutes by themselves. Even deep breathing would work for many of them.  It will be several months before the shock and stress starts to decrease, therefore, I’m more than grateful that the only mishap with us was a day without power and week’s worth of missed Bikram classes.


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