Every day something new happens or could happen in conjunction with MCTD.  Yesterday morning I woke up at my regular time ready to head to Bikram, my favorite morning activity but realized my body was utterly exhausted.   I could have gotten up and went to Bikram anyway but what good would that do me in the long run? I decided to really take a listen to my body and climbed back in bed for several hours. When I woke I felt much better but I did have that weird hair feeling.  I continued to be in a state of brain fog and fatigue for most of the rest of the day.

This morning I was waking for my Cross Fit session and again my body was exhausted.  I know I have been under a lot of stress recently and I know that stress is a huge trigger for flare-ups and since I’m so far along without one I’m paying extra attention to my body so again I climbed back into bed.  This is the first time in several years that I didn’t work out 2 days in a row.  When I did get up my teeth hurt, my scalp hurt and my hands were swollen sausages but I was not in flare-up. I proceeded to start my day and since then have felt normal.  I’m headed into a quiet weekend with the husband and as much as I would love to play with my dearest nephew I really need to just focus on me and rest.

On this coming Monday it will be 6 months since my last flare-up. This will be a huge accomplishment for me and I’m ready to ring in that day with a small party of one, myself.  There are many things that contribute to flare-ups and there are many things that keep them at bay.  I’m working to keep this one at bay but listening, noticing, and resting.  I have walked both days but this is gentle on my body and keeps my joints from becoming stiff so I’m not treating this walking as exercise but more like therapy.  I do think that the Bikram would help with my swollen hands and I’m going to my morning class tomorrow because I know when I’m done I’m going home to rest.  The heat and sweating reduces a lot of fluid and that is what is building up in my hands as we speak.

I’m still feeling good and still flare-up free but now is the most important time to make sure I’m really listening and do what is necessary to get me to my 6 month goal and beyond.


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