Today is the start of a new month and maybe a new approach.  I downloaded a book from Amazon for free. Yes, for free at Amazon called The Flinch by Julien Smith. He wrote and had this book published but wanted it to reach as many people as possible so he gives it away for free so people will read it, apply the principals and share it.  I wanted to share it with you.

We all know what flinching is and we all know it is an involuntary response when we are startled. The flinch starts the flight or fight mechanism but have you ever thought about the fact that anytime something uncomfortable comes near us we flinch.  We may not address certain topics or conversations because they are uncomfortable, this is the flinch. The Flinch as portrayed by Julien keeps us from doing what really matters to us and we stop ourselves out of fear, unknowing, uncertainty, insecurity and many other reasons.  The book has many levels to it and it can apply to parts of your life.  It can pertain to MCTD, your career, your relationships, your lack of security to try new things and other situations. 

As I was reading this book I realized two very important aspects, one is that even when I flinch I keep moving forward.  There are many situations that are uncomfortable for me or I’m not sure about. There are many aspects of living with MCTD and my future that are worrisome, there are people in my life that I’m not what if any relationship I want with them and I have to address these things.  In my career I have made huge moves toward the flinch and watched amazing things happen but of course there are still days and situations where I second guess myself.  With my MCTD I try and try and keep trying to find what some call the impossible and even I think I’m asking for the impossible some days but if I allow the flinch to stop me from trying out of fear or whatever else is facing me down than I really won’t know if I can drastically change things for myself.

I gave a quick synopsis of some of the important aspects of this book because I think for  a free book that you can download it is well worth the read.  You might have areas in your own life where you flinch and keep going or flinch, stop and turn around the other way. Sometimes you have to turn around for safety but recognize that you decided not an involuntary response in yourself that decided.  If you want to push a little harder, walk a little further, try something new, then now is the time.  It is a new month to start.  New Year’s resolutions are unfortunately closer than I care to admit but the New Year really is right around the corner.  Don’t wait until then to decide to do something different, make the change now and face the flinch don’t give into it.


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