I do hope all on the east coast are safe and sound after Sandy blew in and wreaked havoc. While many of you were preparing and battening down for Hurricane Sandy I was enjoying my cross fit session on Monday morning.  Our WOD was “The Carol” a series of cardio explosive exercises done in 30 minutes as many rounds as you can do. About 5 rounds in the session I realize that I have done this WOD before; therefore, during the jumping jacks portion I start looking at the white wall with all our workout sessions and realize we did this WOD on Oct 1st.  Four weeks earlier I noticed that I did 6 rounds.  This day I was on 5 and determined to do 8 rounds.

30 minutes and 8 rounds later I had finished my WOD and realized that four weeks later I had increased by 2 rounds which means I’m getting faster and stronger every week and seeing it up on the wall just gives me more motivation to push harder and push through even if I might feel like calling it quits.

Tomorrow will be a trick or treat of a cross fit session but no matter what she brings our way I’ll be ready to try and tackle it. This type of workout session is becoming just as addictive as my Bikram in terms of how I feel during and afterward.  I’m tired and some days I’m sore but I love the feeling of knowing that I’m getting stronger, faster and better with each session.  We have yet to work on the pull-ups as she indicated last week but I’ll be patient because I know that she is moving us as a level that she feels we can handle and I’m going along and enjoying the ride.



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