The end of October brings crisp chilly dark mornings covered in fog which leads me to bring out long sleeves, long pants, and running jackets to keep the chill out and the warmth in.  I use Bikram to take the chill off but with the changing of the weather and seasons also brings the temperature change in the Bikram studio as well.  I have 4 mornings a week that I start my day in the Bikram studio and this whole week I felt the room temperature change.  There were moments when my body temperature actually stabilized enough to stop sweating during a 90 minute Bikram practice.

There is a time and we are in the time when I end up wearing many layers of clothes to keep my body temperature up and really feel the warmth in my bones in order to persuade my body to get into the postures that it remembers but needs a little extra help from the heat to really get the full benefits. The heat really helps my body feel good and makes the postures easier to manipulate.  Yes, I’m manipulating my body to get into some of these postures even 4 years later. 

I use the heat to reduce fluid on my joints from inflammation and although I think my diet is helping to elevate some of the inflammation and fluid this time of year brings on a certain amount of inflammation that I’m not sure I have control over.  In the summer time I’m naturally sweating more and reducing inflammation and fluid and in the winter it seems that my body wants to stiffen up and cause me some soreness.  I have dealt with this soreness for 9 years but I believe I can continue to lessen it.  My hope is that I can lessen it.  Just a month ago I was climbing out of bed without any stiffness or soreness and now there are mornings that I wake up needing to take it a bit easier.

So far I haven’t woken up stiff on Cross fit mornings but if I do I will need to deal with it.  There will be mornings when I gingerly walk into Cross Fit mentally ready to take on any task she asks but physically it might be harder said than done.  The days I get the heat from Bikram help with the days that I don’t but still need to perform my best.  I have started attending some evening Bikram classes since the heaters have been on all day and it seems to be hotter at night than during the morning.  If I can keep the heat hot and my body limber than this winter I can continue to do what I want. I’m 170 days without a flare and going strong.  My exercise routine is not too intense but just intense enough and although I got on the elliptical machine this morning for a half hour before my Bikram class I realized how actually boring being on that machine really is. I am much happier working out on BOSU balls, weight training, sprinting, walking outside and doing vinyasa flow with lots of Bikram sprinkled in between.  The days of grinding it out on elliptical machines and stair climbers really are a thing of the past for me. Heat will never be a thing of the past.


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