This is an incredible recipe for this time of year.  It was easy and although I made the dessert tasting one I’m going to make the savory side dish one next.  This is one of my dishes that I’m taking to Thanksgiving this year and I know it will be a hit.  Everyone will think I slaved over it and no one would even ask if it is a Paleo friendly or not.  The year I was gluten-free for Thanksgiving it was a big deal but this year I’m hoping to just bring the things that Matthew and I will eat and bring up Paleo, gluten-free, dairy free or anything else we might be free from this year. 

The foods we are making and trying will be a success and whenever anything tastes great no one asks what isn’t in it just what is the recipe.  I won’t give my family this link I would certainly write out the recipe for anyone who might want it. Pumpkin, warmth, sweet tasting and yummy has autumn and Thanksgiving written all over it. This is a perfect individual side or dessert to take anywhere.  They are the perfect size with just a cup of yumminess in each ramekin. I’m very pleased with these delightful treats.


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