This season my motto is “strong is the new skinny” and living it.  The other day I had someone say to me that I was looking thin and although not too long ago that would have been a compliment to me.  It still could be and I’m not saying that I was offended by the comment but I would have felt even better had she said I was looking strong or muscular.  My goal is to continue to work for my strength and actually have it show in definition in my arms, back, chest and abs.  My legs already look really strong and honestly they are about the only thing that is actually getting bigger on my body.  I’m not looking for a body builder type body but I do want people in my life and outside it to notice some real definition.

Unless I tell people that in June I couldn’t do 1 single push-up but 4 months later I’m doing 100 push-ups they get that I’m strong and getting stronger all the time but I want them to see it.  I want to be noticed for great arms and back.  With that said I’m going to start learning how to do a pull-up and today I cannot complete 1.  Truly not 1 but that doesn’t mean in 4-6 months from now I won’t be able to do several.  This may be more wear and tear on my upper body than I’ ready for but I still want to try.

I have found Cross Fit Radio and to hear the stories on this station it is amazing to me. I do think that the culture of Cross Fit is intimidating and as I have mentioned before I’m doing Cross Fit for the masses or the average.  The people in our fitness center are as average as I am but little by little we are all getting stronger and stronger.  We don’t compete but instead cheer each other on and I’m sure that is what happens in the real Cross Fit gym setting but I do envision a lot of people competing with each other and themselves.  Friendly competition is fine but I’m not competitive by nature, instead I’m the cheerleader of the group making sure everyone is doing well and enjoying themselves.  This persona is also how I live my life outside the gym and in my career.  In some cases a career like mine would be competitive for me I don’t have the will or need to be competitive but I do have the need and will to help those around me.

How did I get so far off topic?  It is clearly time to wrap this up and get back to learning how to do a proper pull-up.

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