Cooking is fun for me again since I’m able to try so many different recipes and although I’m getting the recipes from other sites, blogs and especially my new favorite book Practical Paleo I’m enjoying getting my hands into my food and putting my energy into the food that my husband and I are eating and creating.  Making something as simple as eggs is way more fun when there are different oils and fats to work with as well as all the flavors and ingredients that go so well with eggs.  I know that eggs are not part of the AIP – autoimmune protocol but I’m about 80% there now by getting rid of all night shades and seeds.  I’m not eating any nut butters but will use actual nuts if I’m in a pinch and can’t grab something else to eat.  I’m limiting my egg intake to 3 times a week which still might seem high to some people but this is really cutting back for me.  This is a lifestyle change and although I won’t forever be on the AIP I need to ease into it and make sure that I don’t burn out.

This lifestyle is more about living and not about living without.  There are certain things that I choose to keep in my diet because in the grand scheme of my life they are important.  Are eggs important? No, but they certainly allow me to maintain a good level of calories and fat while also having the luxury of making 3 quick meals a week.  I spend most of my day on Sunday in the kitchen preparing foods for the week and I really enjoy this process quite a bit. I know once I’m done my husband and I will have enough to eat and everything in our fridge will be Paleo friendly and delicious.

The weather is changing and we are tucked inside a bit more, snuggling up and watching movies so even the most disciplined need treats.  We are dabbling with grain-free, dairy free, sugar free treats and having some success. I think it is important to know that average people with full time jobs and family lives can still create delicious foods with their own 2 hands in the their own kitchen that are healthy.  A little time, a little prep, and a lot of love creates the best meals.  This has become a new joy for me again and my options are endless.

I will blog and take pictures of some of my creations along with where I found them so if anyone is interested in trying some Paleo friendly recipes I’ll let you know the good ones. There is a perception with people in my life that I just eat bacon and yes I have become very fond of bacon which was a surprise but there are so many foods that I have found I really enjoy.  Kelp noodles are fabulous and sardines are delightful, never mind sauerkraut that I didn’t realize I liked so much.  I’m learning about different oils and fats and not afraid to eat fat and lots of it. Some I cook with and others I drizzle on already prepared foods since they are meant for high temps. Learning about Omega 3 vs Omega 6 and what to eat when has been educational.  I’m learning and creating every day and really enjoying this new part of my new lifestyle.

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